Stores open today until: 21:00
Foodcourt open today until: 23:00
Promote your company inside the Valmontone Outlet! Rent our covered structure, or propose your set-up.
A secure partnership
Valmontone Outlet, with over 7.2 million visitors a year, is the most visited outlet in Italy: 180 branded stores, a new Food Court open for lunch and dinner, an equipped children's area and many entertainment activities for the whole family
The guarantee of visibility
More and more companies use our outdoor spaces as a showcase, search for contacts and brand promotion, with an average of guaranteed visibility of 120,000 people per week.
Ready-to-use structures
For this type of activity, glass structures are available, in which to create a Temporary Shop with authorization to sell and areas not set up ready to accommodate existing structures.
Send your request online
Discover the offers reserved for single weekend or long-term exhibitions, the visibility offered, the areas available and much more.
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Opening time
Dal lunedì al venerdì
Dalle 10 alle 20
Sabato, Domenica e festivi
From 10 to 21
Dal Lunedì al Venerdì
From 10 to 22
Sabato, Domenica e festivi
From 10 to 23
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