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White Bakery is the result of an experience, a passion and an intuition. The founder's American experience brought him into contact with a universe of flavors, colors, recipes, eating habits to be discovered. Passion was the spring that triggered the desire to reproduce the American Style of the Bakery in a completely different context such as the Mediterranean. The intuition was to grasp the right timing, to understand that today Italians are ready to change even at the table. Travel, the contamination of cultures, curiosity, increase the willingness to open up to new tastes, to different consumption occasions, to menus with an international flavor.

Even before that, White Bakery is a dream come true. The dream is that of the founder, who has gone through the entire process of the restaurant world, in Italy and abroad, before coming to realize his premises. With the launch of the White Bakery in Pescara in 2011, the founder capitalizes on the experience gained in the United States, creating an original and innovative concept that is enthusiastically welcomed by local customers. The immediate success of this activity pushes the company to a first growth path, which in a few years leads to the opening of four owned premises. During this expansion phase, the idea of ​​using franchising as a tool for further development was born. The fifth venue opened in 2016 in Rimini already presents many elements of the future franchising format.

In Martin's song "That’s love" there is the vision of the American who observes Italy and interprets it in his own way. The founder's idea, on the contrary, is to create "America seen from Italian" by merging the most significant and exciting ideas, sensations, images collected in the American professional experience. There is no White bakery in America. There is no place like this, except in the imagination and thoughts of the founder, who made it come true. Those who enter for the first time in any of the White Bakery premises cannot help but be struck by the unique and engaging atmosphere that reigns. Is it a fact of visual impact image? In fact, the setting of the restaurant is decidedly warm, captivating, welcoming. It is also different from any other environment, bakery, diner, patisserie or restaurant, American or European, because it blends the two cultures and many others in a melting pot, in a real kaleidoscope of suggestion and references. The result is a place where you want to enter and, once inside, stay there for a long time, pampered by the joy of colors and sounds, the energy of all the staff. When reluctantly, you leave, you are left with the desire to return. Because White Bakery is, first of all, a meeting place!

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