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Melluso's history is the history of a tradition of craftsmanship that originated in the workshop that first started making custom-made shoes for a small group of clients in 1945, gradually adding advanced new industrial technologies even while passing on the traditions of hand craftsmanship over the generations. It's an all-Italian story which can easily be recognised in every shoe that comes out of the factory, even before you see the Made in Italy label. Carefully selected hides and styling by Italy's best footwear designers under the supervision of a family-run team are your guarantee of quality construction in every style, with a special emphasis on the inside of the shoe, always as soft and comfortable as a glove. That's Italian style: beautiful yet comfortable, chic yet wearable on any occasion. That's Melluso's style, made up of experience and tradition, enthusiasm and imagination, and above all a passion for creating truly unique footwear.

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