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Maple Leaf and the Bear Jack. If I announce these two symbols, what do you think? Your mind immediately runs to the woods, to the city, to the beach, looking for those who wear those famous ankle boots that have always characterized the Lumberjack brand. Today Lumberjack offers casual shoes for men, women and children; accompanies them in many situations and in different environments. It is a comfortable shoe, the Lumberjack, resistant and unique in its kind, suitable for families who seek to live all their free moments in comfort. Since 2012, Lumberjack has been bought by the Ziylan brand which immediately founded Brand Park Srl sole shareholder, for the exclusive marketing of these shoes, be they ankle boots or more “elegant” models. Lumberjack, in the tricolor collective imagination, has established itself together with its symbols, which have always accompanied the presentation of the famous ankle boots. Lumberjack has always sold and still offers characteristic shoes with the best value for money. Shoes that are primarily resistant, but are also sporty, casual, suitable for all occasions. Lumberjack, from Ziylan, inherited the passion for handmade, bespoke shoes, inherited all the experience in the footwear sector. The Ziylan brand was founded in the 1960s and has always been dedicated to shoes. In ten years its popularity was such that it could make the leap towards the mass production of very special footwear. The growth of the factory, its experience abroad, have been providential for the survival of an important sector of Made in Italy.

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