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Luisa Spagnoli is the idea behind the Baci Perugina, she is the woman who was the first in Italy to be concerned with introducing the fair sex into industries. Her entire life has been characterized by boldness and character and these elements are the quid of her clothing line. For next season she has colorful and elegant clothes in her belly, suitable for every situation. Luisa Spagnoli's design, in fact, is characterized by the fact that it is appropriate to the current trend, elegant in its shapes, original in the play of volumes and colors. Good taste goes on the catwalk underlining the quality and originality of made in Italy products. And to think that it all started with an intuition: the use of angora yarn for the packaging of some items of clothing. Today, these knitwear products are the basis of Luisa Spagnoli's collections. Its tradition has been going on since 1928 even if the Perugian entrepreneur was unable to witness the company's success. It had to wait until 1935 for the brand to boom and in those years the company was led by Luisa Spagnoli's son, Mario. Every historical detail confirms the importance of the company which today is also dedicated to the production of perfumes. The latest fragrance can be smelled in stores: the essence of a new femininity is available exclusively in the Luisa Spagnoli Boutiques. It is a sweet and romantic perfume, but at the same time strong and full of energy. An eau de parfum able to underline the intrinsic charm of women.

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