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Idea Bellezza Grandi Profumerie is a brand founded in 1994 by Gargiulo & Maiello SpA, a company with fifty years experience in the distribution of beauty products. The idea to devote to the distribution with a new brand comes from the knowledge that, order to be successful, you must rely on a solid structure, ensure assortment, professionalism and services that are not available elsewhere. The success of Idea Bellezza is right here. Today the brand has evolved and has around 90 stores. The assortment is made up of about twenty thousand products and their restocking is very fast. The novelty of the cosmetics industry are always available and easily recognizable on the shelves. For Idea Bellezza, what you want to hand is not just a slogan but reality. The goods are organized with a new concept that does not use shelving protected by showcases, as in the past. Today everything can be touched. The staff, then, is ready to offer an important support for the purchase and also counseling for t the choice of the best products. Idea Bellezza offers to its customers perfumes, make-up and personal care, products for men, hair products, accessories and many gift ideas. Fragrances available are endless, for men and for women and also handy caskets.

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