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The GENIUS project was born in 2000 thanks to the creative mind of a young Neapolitan businessman - Gianni Colella - today the sole director of a company that boasts numerous shops distributed throughout the Italian territory. re-create inside a box various articles of own production with different labels, typical of pure jeans shops. The flagship of the company is its creative team, young and constantly evolving, which thanks to a meticulous research of market does not miss any mood of the moment linked to the field of fashion and the most driving youth trends in the world. MADE IN ITALY is the key principle on which the production, the outfitting of the shops and the materials themselves used to give life to those that in reality do not remain simple stores but by entering them they help the customer to be part of a style from which he will then hardly be able to get away. black and white.

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Visita la nostra Food Court: fast food, ristoranti, pizzerie e cafè per rendere più piacevole il tuo shopping.
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