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A casual, unique look based on made in Italy products. If what you are looking for is summarized in these three elements, then it is likely that you are looking for the products of the Gas brand, the only one that allows you to renew your wardrobe while retaining a good dose of grit. It is not the classic sportswear and there is not even talk of the usual urban style. Gas, since the seventies, offers character. The Vicenza-based company not only offers clothes for men and women, but offers recognizable clothing, with a unique design, never banal, with completely new colors in the fashion scene. At any time of the day, Gas offers you the opportunity to be trendy, to be young and to embody that mix of freshness, rebellion, transgression of youth, while respecting the necessary and necessary respect for tradition. Gas garments are the only possible answer to those looking for a new way of dressing, without sacrificing style, with refinement and fully loving made in Italy. Gas offers a colorful collection of jeans and sports trousers, for both men and women. But that's not all, the color also belongs to those who choose to wear jackets, printed t-shirts, skinny jeans and polo shirts from the Gas brand. After all, it is a brand that never goes out of fashion, which combines the casual component and the refinement of design with balance in the clothes it offers. Made in Italy is Gas and whoever chooses Gas chooses the most authentic expression of tricolor fashion, one made of excellent materials, quality finishes, unique garments.

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