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In 1931, Gerardo Prisco founded his first textile distribution company. Over the decades, this has evolved into a business aimed at production and distribution of clothes dedicated to the “fast fashion” market. In 1994, Gerardo Prisco’s five sons, after having produced and distributed clothes for 3rd parties for about twenty years, decided to give vent to their creativity, using the know-how they had acquired. In 1994, they began to produce and distribute their own brands to sell in the “ready-fashion” sector. In 2004, Fracomina was born; a feminine brand with a strong Italian identity, which guides the passion and tradition of the entrepreneurs towards the future. In 2006, the Prisco family founded P.F.C.M.N.A. S.p.A., which creates labels capable of reaching a wide audience. The vocation, inspiration and the desire to grow represent the common thread of the new business strategy and so in about a year they reached their excellent sales objectives. In 2010, Fracomina Mini was born, a collection dedicated to the junior world. A brand created to meet the modern needs of a market where “complete” supply makes brands famous and attractive in international contexts. In 2014, after a decade, PFCMNA has become a successful group capable of reaching all the predetermined goals “step by step” and of consolidating their concept of “low luxury” business.

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