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Colorful clothes with an original design, paillettes and liveliness for evening outfits as well as for workwear. Enrico Coveri is all this: a fashion, a stylist, a way of being. Sequins, at the beginning of this young designer, become his characteristic feature, to the point of being also the name of a perfume. Yes, because Enrico Coveri started as a stylist and then entered the homes of Italians, occupying all the spaces in which good taste can be expressed, not least that of cosmetics. Enrico Coveri was born in Prato and since the first show he has been successful with his creations which aim to be lively in the choice of colors and in the definition of the lines and design of the clothes. The story of Enrico Coveri, in fact, is all in color. The prevalence of chromatism, the desire to play with prints and with the most eccentric patterns, was the heart of the designer who never gave up on creating clothes while having fun. The tricolor fashion scene cannot do without him, his style, his family that has inherited the verve of this genius of fashion. This is why entering an Enrico Coveri shop is essential to understand what taste is, what true elegance is. Occasionally, floral motifs or multicolored prints return to the catwalks. Yet Enrico Coveri's proposal never becomes a possibility among many but the obligatory choice for those who want to appear elegant without flattening themselves on the most banal garments or on too classic and neutral outfits.

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