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Casual and comfortable with any type of fabric: silk, cotton or lace. Calzedonia-Intimissimi underwear is everything that the man and woman who love to be naturally sensual hope to have in the top drawer of the bedroom. Intimissimi is a brand of the Calzedonia S.p.A. group. which combines dynamism, comfort, stylistic taste and simplicity. Underwear, for both women and men, becomes one of a kind. Those who wear an Intimissimi garment certainly appreciate the solidity and reliability of the entrepreneurial group, its practically capillary sales network, but also appreciate the spirit of the designers who always want to offer their customers products with simple lines, pleasant in terms of color, unable to make the man or woman who have chosen Intimissimi vulgar and aggressive. On the contrary, in everyday activities Calzedonia-Intimissimi wants to suggest a simple lifestyle, which does not exacerbate the search for underwear at all costs, which excites with sweetness and sensitivity, underlining the importance of looking after the partner. The prices of Calzedonia-Intimissimi products, among other things, are also affordable because they offer a balanced quality-price ratio, take advantage of cutting-edge materials and fabrics, anticipate trends in lingerie and are the emblem of continuous stylistic research. From the cotton garment, to the silk briefs or the lace bra, each product is cared for in the lines, in the details, in the color combinations to remind everyone that where creativity and style come together, there is Calzedonia-Intimissimi , the romantic, sensual, natural and attentive to the latest trends.

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