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Brums is one of the most famous and well-known brands in the Children's Wear sector, as well as the flagship of Preca Brummel production in Italy and abroad. A brand that, from 1955 to today, has been able to conquer a position of absolute leadership.

Brums is aimed at all mothers who are looking for a refined and elegant style for their children. With a great variety of garments, Brums focuses on a high-level target 0-16 years.

Modern and always avant-garde proposals, without ever forgetting the practicality and comfort that every child needs. The commercial choices of the company, the attention dedicated to each stage of production and the aesthetic appeal of the fashion solutions, represent the real strength of the brand and the secret of its ever-increasing diffusion on the Italian territory.

Mission: "To love a child means to let him be free to be a child."

Brums reflects within its collections the desire to always be close to the needs of its small consumer. The high quality and the emotional and evocative image of Brums interpret the value of the brand.

Categories: Shops, Baby Clothing and Accessories.

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