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Surprise those you love with Valmontone Outlet Gift Cards! Give the freedom to shop in more than 180 stores with discounts of up to 70%!
The amount you want'
The Gift Card has a deducted amount that can be used several times, until credit runs out, at any Valmontone Outlet store that accepts MasterCard
No Pin
The Valmontone Outlet Gift Card is a Strip & Signature Prepaid MasterCard Card, so you don't need to remember any PIN when using it.
No Limits
If the expense is higher than the amount on the Gift Card itself, it will be possible to integrate the payment using the other methods provided by the store (cash, debit card or credit card).
Is not personal
There are no spaces reserved for the name or signature on the card and therefore it is not necessary to show an identity document to make a purchase.
Customers service
The user of the Gift Card will always have a dedicated customer service available 24/24 by calling 02 40326047 and can always consult the remaining balance by visiting the dedicated minisite, available here.
Valid for 12 months
The total value incorporated in the Card can be spent by the holder of the Gift Card within 12 months of its activation
Buy your Gift Card
The total value incorporated in the Card can be spent by the holder of the Gift Card within 12 months of its activation, after which the residual funds will be cleared as required by the regulation.
The card does not entitle you to cash refunds for the contained amount, it is bearer and is equivalent to cash: if lost, stolen or damaged, the card cannot be blocked.
Valmontone Outlet is not responsible in case of improper use, theft, loss or damage
To find out the general conditions of the contract, the activation date and the remaining balance of the Card: in the Gift Card section.
Food court
A delicious news has arrived at the Valmontone Outlet! Discover the new Food Court: fast food, restaurants, pizza and cafes to make your shopping more enjoyable.
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